Irish Cinema Audiences

The Irish Cinema Audiences project examines the history of cinema-going in 1950s Ireland by gathering the memories of ordinary cinema-goers from across the country. The aim of the project is to gain a better understanding of the cultural and social impact that cinema had on the everyday lives of Irish audiences in the 1950s.

Did you go to the cinema in the 1950s? Whether you were a big fan of ‘going to the pictures’ or just saw the occasional film, we’d love to hear your stories! 

We are currently looking for people from across the country to complete a short questionnaire about their cinema-going memories. If you would like to share your memories of your favourite cinema, films and stars, you can complete the Irish Cinema Audiences questionnaire.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact us by email or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Congratulations to Anthony Lynam on receiving his Leaving Cert results. #lifelonglearning #ageingequal

My parents have been doing a bit renovating. I was up in the house yesterday and my mum pointed to a bag, “Can I throw these out?” I looked inside: Eek! Original signage from the Screen Cinema in Dublin lost for 20 years. @RTE_Culture @IFI_Dub @DublinGhostSign @OldDublinTown

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